OMC International

OMC International (OMC) is an Australian maritime engineering company that has developed award-winning e-Navigation technology to improve transit for large commercial ships in draft restricted entrance channels and waterways. It determines and manages a ship’s Under Keel Clearance (UKC) dynamically and in real-time.

The company’s proven, world-leading DUKC® technology provides a consistent scientific approach to UKC and has been safely operating in ports and waterways around the world for more than 25 years without incident. The technology ensures safety by eliminating grounding hazards. It maximises port productivity with deeper drafts, and wider tidal windows, resulting in considerable economic benefits. DUKC® implements a consistent scientific approach utilising dynamic variables combined with sophisticated ship modelling to accurately calculate ship motions and Dynamic UKC. The results ensure effective decision making and can be promulgated as a chart overlay, allowing enhanced visual assessment and transit monitoring. OMC is a key contributor to the S129 standards

DUKC® ensures safety whilst maximising productivity – and has delivered more than $15 billion to exporters worldwide since the first system was installed in 1993.

OMC has a strong research focus and its team of maritime and software engineers continue to commercialise new safety products. These include automated ship scheduling tool DUKC® Optimiser which maximises total tide tonnage and award-winning ship motion measurement instrument OMC iHeave®.

OMC’s team of dedicated professionals is uniquely experienced in working with regulators, pilots, port authorities and shippers to determine their UKC needs.

OMC also specialises in ship motion analysis, optimised dredging for cost effective channel design and mooring system analysis and design.


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